Our Purpose

The Natural Sciences Council was founded in 1972 to serve as the liaison between the students and administration in the College of Natural Sciences. We aim to improve the academic and student life experience of all students.

Serve our students

Our eight committees work together to put on events and create resources for the students in the College of Natural Sciences and the Austin community

Improve the college

Members have the opportunity to raise concerns and propose solutions to situations in the college by creating and implementing legislation

Represent your voice

We collect student feedback via focus groups, CTBAC, and other online and in-person forums to better represent students on issues relevant to them

Committees in NSC

  • Shares students voices through Natural Sciences Council’s official online publication Catalyst

  • Provides info about Freshman Research Initiative streams, student orgs in CNS, and unofficial “how to … in college” advice

  • Publishes course grade distributions on Catalyst

  • Fosters relationships within NSC through socials, friendly competitions, and other events

  • Works to create a sense of community within CNS as a whole

  • Events include: CNS Got Talent, NSC Yearly Banquet

  • Supports community outreach and service initiatives on and off campus

  • Works to get kids at schools and children’s centers around Austin excited about science!

  • Events include: Young Scientists, Helping Hand Home visits, and Kids Who Code

  • Identifies areas for improvement in CNS and works to make desired changes

  • Works with CNS faculty, staff, and administration to carry out legislation

  • Organizes feedback-driven initiatives to amplify underrepresented voices and create a safe space for students to share their experiences

  • Events include: Faculty Student Appreciate Banquet, Diversity Panel, NSC Endowment, Last Lecture Series

  • Helps CNS Students reach their post-graduation goals in industry, academia, medicine, and more

  • Hosts networking events and workshops such as CNS Connections and a Salary Negotiation Workshop

  • Responsible for NSC’s print and social media presence

  • Forms relations with external student organizations

  • Design NSC’s promotional materials

  • Facilitates closer relationships between students, staff, and faculty members

  • Events include: Faculty Student Appreciation Banquet, Student/Faculty Luncheons, Professor Board Game Night


Senate of College Councils

The Student Government, the Senate of College Councils, and the Graduate Student Assembly are the three legislative student organizations at the University of Texas at Austin and represent UT students all across campus. The Natural Sciences Council is a member of the Senate of College Councils and represents the academic interests of College of Natural Sciences Students through legislation.

Your Role


Join NSC and become a part of making change in CNS

The Fall 2019 Application period is now closed. Applications for the Spring 2020 semester will open up in January 2020.

If you would like to stay updated when applications open up again, join our mailing list here.


Any student, whether you are in NSC or not, can submit legislative ideas and write legislation

NSC is one of the best avenues for students to enact change on the issues they face in CNS

Learn more about about current legislation and submit ideas for future legislation here

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