Professional Development


The Professional Development committee works to aid the undergraduate body of CNS reach their goals for after their undergraduate years whether that be in industry, academia, medicine, etc. Through the organization of networking events and professional panels, we hope to facilitate a smooth transition for CNS students toward their career aspirations. We also work directly with the CNS Career Services and Health Professions Offices to help shape outcomes for college-wide improvements in career exploration and professional development.

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Industry professional talks

Presented by the professional development committee, Industry Professional Talks provides students with the opportunity to learn about the work of a current industry
professional. Previous round-table talks have included representatives from the global consulting firm Accenture and the Austin-based biotechnology and data management
company Lab7 Systems. Through partnerships with College of Natural Sciences Career Services, the professional development committee hopes to introduce students to a wide range of career and professional options using the strong scientific and analytical foundations built at UT. Your contribution empowers aspiring professionals to discover these diverse paths and cultivate the skills for industry success in the sciences and beyond.

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sUCCess in science

Each semester, the professional development committee presents Success in Science, an event which aims to expose College of Natural Sciences students to some of the
most distinguished professors in the college who exemplify the importance of effective communication, innovation, and well-roundedness in the sciences. Past speakers have included Dr. Brent Iverson, Dean of the Undergraduate School of Studies, in fall 2017 and Dr. Michael Mauk and Dr. Michael Drew from the UT Department of Neuroscience
in spring 2018.

These interactive talks and Q&A sessions cover areas regarding self-sufficiency and collaboration, professionalism, and individuality in the context of science and academics. Such topics of discussion help shape the next generation of well-rounded, resilient scientists, and your contributions helps benefit many undergraduates at UT, well after they graduate and enter the professional world.

CNS COnnections

Bringing together dozens of companies, CNS Connections offers science undergraduates an ideal networking opportunity to reach out and connect with company representatives interested in meeting some of the best and brightest UT has to offer. Students pursuing degrees in natural sciences traditionally tend to choose academic paths after their undergraduate years, but there are increasing numbers of careers available in the biotechnology and science industry. Additionally, there is a decreasing demand for academic scientists at the post- graduate level, and thus, students are looking towards industry careers to pursue a future utilizing their science degree. CNS Connections started off as a small project to expose students to industry careers and has expanded into a highly-attended event. Both students and company representatives enjoy the opportunity to interact with each other, and it has allowed both parties to make wonderful connections and find relevant advice for pursuing their goals.