Diversity and Inclusion


The Diversity and Inclusion committee focuses on amplifying the voices of underrepresented and underserved communities within CNS. We strive to create a space where students can come and share their experiences and connect with those who have gone through similar ones. We focus on being feedback-driven by addressing areas students believe are important to the communities they are a part of. Read a little bit more about some of our other initiatives below:

Diversity panel

Both semesters we host a panel of CNS Alumni in collaboration with the Council for Diversity and Engagement that highlights the experiences of minorities in their respective scientific fields. From healthcare accessibility to micro-aggressions in the workplace, we strive to have candid conversations with our panelists that attendees can connect to and learn from. Students who come from underrepresented backgrounds in their fields are especially encouraged to attend.

nsc endowment

Each year, the Diversity and Inclusion committee awards a scholarship to a student who has demonstrated exceptional service to his or her community. Applications are coordinated through the annual CNS Scholarship Common Application. 

faculty and staff appreciation banquet awards (FSAB)

At the end of the academic year, NSC hosts FSAB to honor the faculty and staff that work hard to enrich the undergraduate experience of their students. Diversity and Inclusion solicits student nominations and awards Faculty and TA/AI awards each year at this banquet.

Last Lecture Series

Last Lecture Series is a semesterly event in which a faculty or staff member comes to discuss their field of study and how it fits into the larger schemes of STEM and society. Some of our previous topics include Neuroscience, Mathematics, Mental Health, and HDFS.