The Catalyst committee is responsible for publishing and maintaining the Natural Sciences Council newspaper, Catalyst, and disseminating news, entertainment, and information throughout the College of Natural Sciences. Popular articles have received thousands of views, while projects designed by students for students receive even more viewership.

The committee is led by the Catalyst Chair, who also serves as the Editor-in-Chief. A Co-Editor and several Assistant Editors round out the editing staff. The staff writers, in addition to the editors, produce daily content applicable to the Natural Sciences student.


write for us

Are you interested in getting published in a diverse, student-run publication? Are you doing exciting things in the lab, volunteering, or just daily life? Is there a topic that sparks your passion? Are you part of an organization with a great mission and want to reach out to the CNS? If you answered yes to any of these questions,  please submit ideas, questions, and articles to and let us publish your story!


FRI info page

Comprehensive overview of each stream in the Freshman Research Initiative by interviewing students from each lab. Students give advice to students on strengths, weaknesses, lab skills, and more. Peruse through the streams and find your match through major suggestions from your peers.

Grade distributions

Catalyst hosts the official Grade Distributions for classes at UT - even for those outside of CNS. The Catalyst Grade Distributions has become a widespread tool for students in all colleges at the university.