What is legislation?

Legislation is one of the primary ways that the Natural Sciences Council works to improve the College of Natural Sciences and the university as a whole. Members of the Legislative Committee first identify problems and areas of potential improvement, and then actively work to make the desired changes. This involves researching the issues, meeting with faculty and administrators, writing pieces of legislation, and then presenting them either to NSC or to the Senate of College Councils for a vote. If the measure passes, the committee then works to implement the changes. Notable examples of Legislative Committee accomplishments include the collection of UT course grade distribution data for publication, the inclusion of demographic information on the CNS website, and the creation of the BSA degree plan.


Past Legislation

NSCR 1702: In Support of Revising Pre-Lab Procedures for General Chemistry Lab

NSCR 1701: In Support of improving the visibility of demographic data for the college of natural sciences

NSCR 1502: A Resolution in Support of Standardizing FIGs to Include a Career Preparedness Component

NSCR 1501: A Resolution in Support of Including the CMHC Crisis Line and the Behavior Concerns Advice

NSCR 1401: A Resolution in Support of Welch Renovations