Academic Affairs

As students, we have the opportunity to find a degree that aligns with both our career and life goals. However, for many, finding the appropriate field of study is difficult if not impossible. The Academic Affairs committee plans and hosts events that help facilitate and expedite this search. We take the cumulative feedback, collected from a variety of communication outlets, and form fit our events to address the concerns of Natural Sciences students. Programs such as the Transfer Student Mentor Program and Advanced Research Page are results evolving from student responses and ideas.

Transfer student mentor program

While freshmen have many explicit resources while arriving on campus, transfer students often do not enjoy the same introduction. To better help with the academic transition from another school, TSMP was created. New transfer students are paired with a mentor who will show them available resources on campus and introduce them to UT from a unique perspective.

nsc endowment

Each year, the Academic Affairs committee awards a scholarship to a student who has demonstrated exceptional service to his or her community. Applications are coordinated through the annual CNS Scholarship Common Application. 

major night

With so many majors and degree plans at UT, it’s hard to identify the nuances between them. Major Night allows to students to go “shopping” for a well-suited degree path as they walk between booths featuring an advisor, a faculty member, and students who can all best describe the uniqueness of their respective degree. 

faculty and staff appreciation banquet awards (FSAB)

At the end of the academic year, NSC hosts FSAB to honor the faculty and staff that work hard to enrich the undergraduate experience of their students. Academic Affairs solicits student nominations and awards Faculty and TA/AI awards each year at this banquet.